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When your TV breaks do you want to be talking about why it's still broken a year from now?

Dr Nadel

Don't you just want it to work?

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Since 1991, I have helped more than 1,000 individuals like yourself overcome obstacles to happiness and success.

As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with post-doctoral training in Clinical Homeopathy and Mind-Body Medicine, my goal is for you to start feeling better after our first session.

If you have tried traditional talk therapy and are looking for results, please call 212 560 2333☏  305 974 2737 or 305 974 2737☏  212 560 2333 NOW for your free phone session.  Why not let yourself discover a new sense of calm and confidence today?

NEW!  Offices in Aventura, Florida; New York City; Lido Beach and Herricks on Long Island.

Skype/Phone coaching offers you flexibility in scheduling; convenience; and the comfort of your own space.

NEW!  Prestige Concierge Services:  If you are looking for accelerated results, please consider investing in a three-month Prestige Coaching package.  You will work intensively with Dr. Nadel several times a week.  CEO's, award-winning actors, and M.D's report greater improvement at a quicker rate with daily phone or Skype sessions.  There is a waiting list for Prestige Coaching Services as acceptance is limited to three exceptional individuals.  If you are interested, please email Dr. Nadel. All emails are confidential and are answered in person by Dr. Nadel.

NEW!  Clinical Homeopathy for Women

If you are concerned about the potential side effects and interactions of pharmacological drugs, please consider the benefits of clinical homeopathy for women's health issues.  Homeopathic remedies are natural, effective, and completely safe-even when pregnant and/or nursing.  If you are struggling with mood issues due to PMS, pregnancy, perimenopause, or menopause, homeopathic options can help to bring your mind-body back into balance.  Homeopathic protocols for weight loss and cellulite have been proven highly effective.  In combination with hypnotherapy and acupressure (E.F.T.), you can expect excellent outcomes.  If you have been experiencing emotional and behavioral changes in mid-life, please fill out this survey and call Dr. Nadel for a FREE evaluation:  212 560 2333☏  305 974 2737 or 305 974 2737☏  212 560 2333.

NEW!  Hpynotic Natural Childbirth

Also known as hypno-birthing, hypnotic natural childbirth uses your body's natural ability to generate numbness in the form of glove anaesthesia.  During labor, you can transfer numbness from your hands to your abdomen to smooth contractions and relax.  Everyone has this ability!  With more than 25 years' experience, Dr. Laurie helps you find your own unique process and tailors it for your individual needs in just four sessions (including one with your partner or labor coach).

NEW!  Issues Related to Health and Aging

Dr. Nadel is certified by the American Academy of Bereavement in Working with Seriously Ill and Dying People.  Whether you are coping with a catastrophic diagnosis for yourself or a loved one; struggling to come to terms with loss due to injury, illness, or someone's death; a medical phobia or flashback to surgical awareness or another trauma, Dr. Nadel can offer you guidance, support, and compassion.  She offers homeopathic options to lower stress and enhance well-being.  Homeopathy offers safe, effective treatments for sleep issues.  Please call her for a FREE phone consultation:  212 560 2333☏  305 974 2737 or 305 974 2737☏  212 560 2333.

NEW!  Preparing for Surgery

Are you anxious about medical procedures?  Have you experienced medical trauma or surgical awareness (waking up while under anaesthesia)?  Do you have a blood or needle phobia?  Do you suffer from dental phobias?  With an approach that combines hypnotherapy, EFT (acupressure/tapping) and clinical homeopathy, Dr. Nadel will show you how to release the fears that are preventing you from getting necessary medical treatment.

NEW! Take the Stress Test

Have you ever tallied up the stress in your life?  Here is a simple self-test you can use to assess your life stress.  Harvard research shows that between 75 and 85 percent of doctor visits are due to stress.  Each of us needs 20 minutes a day of deep mind-body relaxation to counteract the cumulative harmful effects of stress hormones.  But who among us has 20 minutes?  Dr. Nadel's Emotional First Aid Toolkit is a suite of short activities that release stress triggers and replace them with a sense of calm and wellbeing in just a few minutes.  Everyone's stress profile is different and she pays careful attention to your needs so that your EFA Toolkit is just right for you.  Your personal EFA toolkit may include:  hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as "tapping;" color breathing; and original NLP techniques.  With NLP (neurolinguistic programing) you can "change the channel" from unproductive, negative images to uplifting images, emotional patterns and behaviors.  (A Master Coach/Master Practitioner of NLP since 1990, Dr. Nadel has developed original NLP exercises to help you scale the Wall of Anxiety and exit the Room of Depression.)

Services for Business and Business People

A business coach for more than 20 years, Dr. Nadel helps individuals and organizations achieve and surpass performance goals.  A member of the prestgious International Coach Federation, she is a master practitioner/coach with expertise in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Dr. Nadel designs a customized "tool kit" of techniques tailored for each client's unique goals.  Her clients include CEO's, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals from a wide range of fields, including MD's, attorneys, and actors working in film, in TV and on Broadway.  Her solution:  focused protocols help business clients master stage fright and overcome phobias to enhance presentation skills; develop rapport skills by learning how to read physiological nonverbal cues; improve communication skills; resolve internal conflicts; and balance work–life issues.  She has worked intensively with CEO's during negotiations to sell or expand their businesses.  Dr. Nadel's corporate clients include:  Eli Lilly, Merck, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the American Management Association.  She specializes in whole-brain problem solving with enhanced critical thinking for teams.

Therapeutic Specialties

Dr. Nadel has extensive experience in helping individuals whose lives have been shattered by such catastrophic events as 9/11; Hurricane Sandy; auto accidents; physical and sexual assault; and serious health issues, including cancer, traumatic brain injury, and fibromyalgia.  Investment bankers, traders, TV and film producers, air marshals, and security personnel are among those who have sought Dr. Nadel's help for burnout and stress reduction.  Individuals with Asperger's (including Aspergirls) are offered a safe, nurturing therapeutic environment where they can strengthen interpersonal skills while developing their unique gifts.

For those seeking spiritual purpose or direction, Dr. Nadel offers past life regression, future lives progression, and a myriad of hypnotic journeys to facilitate intuition and soul growth.  A Reiki Master, she offers one-on-one Reiki sessions, attunements, and distant Reiki.  Please call for your complimentary phone consultation.

Dr. Nadel does not provide medical treatment or advice.  She provides emotional and spiritual support to patients who are coping with the stress and anxiety of living with a serious health condition.  When requested, she refers patients to colleagues who can prescribe medication or, if preferred, homeopathic remedies.

Getting The Inspirational Lift You Need To Overcome An Adverse Event

On Se[ptember 11, 2001, the main buildings at New York's World Trade Center were destroyed, killing thousands of people and leaving their families and friends bereft.  Dr. Nadel ran one of the key support programs created to help victims' loved ones cope with their loss.  Subsequently, Dr. Nadel wrote a film about this effort, After the Fall:  The Rise of a 9/11 Community Center.  Previously, for the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, Dr. Nadel wrote an article for Huffington Post depicting an episode of her experience.

Dr. Nadel May Not Be Right For You

Carl Jung wrote that in the morning of our life, we are focused on achieving success in the external world.  As we approach the afternoon and the evening of our life, our focus becomes more internalized, more reflective.  A lifetime of accumulated knowledge and experience requires a more seasoned and intuitive approach to the themes that present themselves at this time.

No matter how successful or famous you are, if you feel that something is missing; if you feel stuck and don't know what to do next; or if you are simply not fulfilled in how you are living, you have nothing to lose by calling for a complimentary phone consultation.

She may not be the right therapist for you.  In fact, nothing works all the time for everyone, not even aspirin.  Nor surgery.  Nor chemo.  If Dr. Nadel is the right person to help you unblock whatever is holding you back, you can anticipate breakthroughs, new clarity, and the discovery of new potentials for fulfillment, love and happiness.

To schedule a complimentary phone consultation, please call 212 560 2333☏  305 974 2737 or 305 974 2737☏  212 560 2333.

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