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Dr. Laurie Nadel specializes in helping people who are struggling with fears that prevent them from moving forward.  Whether fear presents as performance anxiety that makes it impossible to speak in public or to function in daily settings, a debilitating phobia, or flashbacks to a traumatic, life-shattering event, Dr. Nadel's practice is focused on providing support, insight, and effective interventions that give the patient strategies and tools to overcome those fears relatively quickly, so that they can be replaced by calm, confidence, and a sense of well-being. 

Dr Nadel

Her mission is to offer short-term, goal-oriented, patient-focused therapy with personal attention and quality care.  For those who have tried traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Nadel offers a new, caring approach to resolving internal conflicts and issues that have not responded well to previous treatments.  A therapeutic relationship needs to be a safe place to express concerns that are so deeply held that the individual may even have difficulty using verbal description to describe his or her situation.  The unconscious mind reveals itself through subtle muscle movements, pulses, and changes in breathing.  A specialist in the physiology of non-verbal communication, Dr. Nadel knows how to sit with the patient's Unconscious (or subconscious) mind in a reassuring way to create a profound rapport that facilitates the unburdening process.

In private practice since 1991, she works collaboratively with psychiatrists, M.D.'s, and psychologists to create a supportive team for each patient.  She accepts referrals from M.D.'s, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, and attorneys who are seeking professional help for their patients and clients.  Dr. Nadel has been an expert witness in a PTSD case in the U.S. Disctrict Court for the Southern District of New York.

Services for Business and Business People

A business coach for more than 20 years, Dr. Nadel helps individuals and organizations achieve and surpass performance goals.  A member of the prestgious International Coach Federation, she is a master practitioner/coach with expertise in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Dr. Nadel designs a customized "tool kit" of techniques tailored for each client's unique goals.  Her clients include CEO's, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals from a wide range of fields, including MD's, attorneys, and actors working in film, in TV and on Broadway.  Her solution:  focused protocols help business clients master stage fright and overcome phobias to enhance presentation skills; develop rapport skills by learning how to read physiological nonverbal cues; improve communication skills; resolve internal conflicts; and balance work–life issues.  She has worked intensively with CEO's during negotiations to sell or expand their businesses.  Dr. Nadel's corporate clients include:  Eli Lilly, Merck, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the American Management Association.  She specializes in whole-brain problem solving with enhanced critical thinking for teams.

Therapeutic Specialties

Dr. Nadel has extensive experience in helping individuals whose lives have been shattered by such catastrophic events as 9/11; Hurricane Sandy; auto accidents; physical and sexual assault; and serious health issues, including cancer, traumatic brain injury, and fibromyalgia.  Investment bankers, traders, TV and film producers, air marshals, and security personnel are among those who have sought Dr. Nadel's help for burnout and stress reduction.  Individuals with Asperger's (including Aspergirls) are offered a safe, nurturing therapeutic environment where they can strengthen interpersonal skills while developing their unique gifts.  (Dr. Nadel does not provide medical treatment or advice.  She provides emotional and spiritual support to patients who are coping with the stress and anxiety of living with a serious health condition.  When requested, she refers patients to colleagues who can prescribe medication or, if preferred, homeopathic remedies.)

Stress Management for Better Health

As defined by Dr. Hans Selye in the early 1920s, stress is how the body reacts to change.  Although we tend to think of stress in the negative, there are two types: eustress and distress.  Generally, we refer the latter when we use the term "stress"; however, both types produce a cascade of stress hormones that, over time, can overwhelm the immune system and lead to illness.  According to some studies, between 75 and 85 percent of doctor visits are due to stress.  Whatever the root cause, now more than ever it is imperative that each of us take time to reflect, pause and practice meditation; and to do or create an everyday practice that gives us a sense of peace.

Dr. Nadel offers each individual a personalized "tool kit" to help him or her to release specific triggers that cause stress levels to spike.  These tools are designed to relieve stress and anxiety within minutes.  They include: hypnotherapy, including self-hypnosis; Emotional Freedom Technique ™ (E.F.T.), also known as "tapping;" color breathing; and original techniques based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  With quick-acting NLP strategies, it is possible to "change the channel" from negative images and unproductive thought streams to uplifting ideas, images, emotional patterns and behaviors as easily as you would click on your remote control to change the TV station.

Getting The Inspirational Lift You Need To Overcome An Adverse Event

Dr. Nadel has been a fixture on the wellness scene for many years.  Her mission for over 25 years has been healing the forgotten:  people struggling to function after their lives were shattered by a traumatic event.  She also worked to launch the Mind Body Network, a global online network for holistic and integrative practitioners and authors of spiritual and self-help books.  She is featured in Amy Leigh Mercree's listing of the top ten inspirational healers as posted in the website.

Fifteen years ago the main buildings at New York's World Trade Center were destroyed, killing thousands of people and leaving their families and friends bereft.  Dr. Nadel ran one of the key support programs created to help victims' loved ones cope with their loss.  Subsequently, Dr. Nadel wrote a film about this effort, After the Fall:  The Rise of a 9/11 Community Center.  Previously, for the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, Dr. Nadel wrote an article for Huffington Post depicting an episode of her experience.

Is there an App for that?

More than 30 years of research by Harvard scientists have produced incontrovertible evidence that quieting the mind for 20 minutes a day is the most effective remedy for anxiety, stress disorders, and burnout.  But really, who has 20 minutes? Who among us is not addicted to the business of being busy? Ever-rushing, ever-texting, very few of us have 20 minutes to spare.  Therefore, Dr. Nadel creates and designs a customized approach for stress reduction that will work for even the busiest multi-tasking executive.  Drawing upon what Harvard researchers call "mini-breaks" of 5-minute windows that occur throughout the day, she can offer you an "express route" to well-being through a personalized stress release system that offers the same benefits as one 20-minute session of meditation.

No two "tool kits" or stress release systems are the same.  Nor is there anything that Dr. Nadel or anyone else can "do" to take something away or force you to change.  Her approach is to help you find the keys to unlock your own neural pathways into the hidden power of your Unconscious mind.  Instead of feeling conflicted, or wondering why you "should" be able to change your situation or get control of an unhealthy habit, you can discover new ways of interacting with yourself and the world.  When you have the tools to access the hidden power of your mind, you are in effect creating a customized App for the changes that you want, need, and deserve to have in your life.

Dr. Nadel May Not Be the Right Therapist for You

Carl Jung wrote that in the morning of our life, we are focused on achieving success in the external world.  As we approach the afternoon and the evening of our life, our focus becomes more internalized, more reflective.  A lifetime of accumulated knowledge and experience requires a more seasoned and intuitive approach to the themes that present themselves at this time.

No matter how successful or famous you are, if you feel that something is missing; if you feel stuck and don't know what to do next; or if you are simply not fulfilled in how you are living, you have nothing to lose by calling for a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Nadel.

She may not be the right therapist for you.  In fact, nothing works all the time for everyone, not even aspirin.  Nor surgery.  Nor chemo.  If Dr. Nadel is the right person to help you unblock whatever is holding you back, you can anticipate breakthroughs, new clarity, and the discovery of new potentials for fulfillment, love and happiness.

Therapeutic Services:

Dr. Nadel offers several options for confidential one-on-one sessions.

Telephone/Skype:  These offer the greatest flexibility and convenience as Dr. Nadel will work around your schedule in any time zone.  (Many of her telephone and Skype clients live overseas and in other parts of the U.S.)

Concierge Telephone/Skype:  For those who are too busy to schedule a 60-minute session once a week, a concierge relationship offers the benefits of daily phone/Skype and email interaction.  Dr. Nadel focuses intensively on you at those critical times when you need insight, guidance, and support.  This exclusive service is only available to three individuals at a time and there is a waiting list.

Office Visits:  Dr. Nadel has offices in Manhattan at 133 West 25th Street, Suite 4E, between Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenues; and on Long Island, on Shore Road in Long Beach.

To schedule a complimentary phone consultation, please call 212 560 2333☏  212 560 2333.

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